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Being “Human” ?


I can’t get myself to wake up early. I can’t listen to music if my speakers are not on full volume and I won’t eat my food if it’s healthy. I know I’m being unreasonable. Reckless, even. But what’s life if you can’t live it how you want it? I am a restless person by nature. By staying calm, I’m not only ignoring the unwritten but oh, so unbreakable rules of nature- “Thou shalt not defy the rules of The Nature”.

Like every teenager, I am proudly a troublemaker. I will, undoubtedly, mess up my family’s mental health with almost everything that I do. I will love my friends more than an alcoholic loves a good wine. I will make some stupid, stupid decisions that I will regret for a lifetime.  I will waste my time. I will cry over stupid things, and later laugh about them. And even though I’m growing up, I will continue to be a child. Ah, the sweet irony of life!

I’m too young to let the world decide on me, and the world is too busy to take me seriously. Right now, the only biggest flaw in me is that I’m a learner. And learners are full of mistakes. I’m practically a masterpiece of mistakes, and here’s the catch- I love being who I am. I’d rather make my own follies and learn than to stay cautious and never experience the thrill of living. Yes, I would give up on being perfect. Perfect is way too overrated for a person like me.

Change is necessary. But when change is forced through the five orifices of your body, it becomes a source of suffocation. Just look at Earth! A mere two hundred years since we forced her to chlorofluorocarbons, and now we have global warming to pay for it. So, learn human fools, and let every person be who they are! No one can change you better than the three lettered word: Y-O-U. So what if you come off as crazy? Being Reckless is only Human!