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Im sorry mother


Dear mother, I’m sorry that I hurt you. I didn’t ever mean to. You love me more than I’m deserved to. I am guilty of what you punish me for, but once please listen to what I say.

Dear mother, I never knew of a hurting hand, since yours always were the loving ones. I never knew a soul that hurt another, I was just naive that way.

Dear mother, I promise I was not out to look for trouble. He just found me anyway. He seemed so good, he gave a different kind of happy. I thought I found someone to love me as you do, you see he love me so effortlessly.

Dear mother, you saw how I had changed, you saw me smile everyday. You even caught me dancing, you saw my wings start to spread. I wish I saw how that made you feel, you probably laughed at me.

Dear mother, I crossed my line that day I fought with you. I came home late after a dinner date. You must have been so worried, had you eaten at all that night? I just shut the door, and shouted back at you “He loves me. I bet he loves me more than you”

Dear mother, can apologies heal the wounds I gave you, because I have more than just a few. I never saw how blinded I was, to everything and your birthday too. You said I was too young, and he probably isn’t the right one for you. I snapped back at you, ” You’re forty-two, and didn’t father just leave you?”

Dear mother, He says he’s leaving for abroad,and he says he might not return. He says he loves me, cherishes the times we spent.. He says he loves me, but he hardly even noticed my tears.

Dear mother, are you angry? I know I’ve dissapointed you. You heard what the doctor said, you were there too. I was too scared to look into your startled eyes, no amount of apologies would suffice. You didn’t speak to me for the rest of the day. I made us dinner, and you hardly even ate.

Dear mother, I’m sorry that I grew up too soon, we never planned it this way. Only just sixteen, you never thought I’d be expecting. You saved all these fifteen years for my college, and now you’re saying we should spend it on my baby instead.

Dear mother, it hurts me to see you this way, you used to laugh so pretty. Although I’m the reason for what kills you, it kills me too. I promise you mother, I will never trouble you, please go back to being you. I promise you mother, I will make things better, please have faith. You didn’t raise no quitter, I will make you proud.