The Skinny Business

People love size zero. It’s everywhere- the magazines, the television. It’s set in our mind that unless we go to the gym and work our asses off to shed a few kilos of fat (that is doing nobody any harm), we shall be shunned by our peers. It’s okay to want to be fit; it’s bad if you want to be skinny. The bad news is, every girl wants to be skinny. I don’t like pointing fingers, but I blame the Amrikans. By Amrikans, I mean western civilization. Their size zero models can go suck it. Being that thin is not a glamorizing ordeal. I know, because I have been a lifetime resident of the “Skinnyville”.

I like being called skinny as much as the fat girls like being called fat. Some people don’t get that. If I were to single out something wrong with their body and tease them about it, now, people would say I was being mean. But when it comes to body size, people seem to think it just fine, even entertaining.
Mean person 1: She’s so thin I thought she was a bamboo pole
Mean person 2: HAHAHAHAHA! That’s soooo funny!!!!!
Me: …

My failed attempt at being a good paint user
My failed attempt at being a good paint user

It’s not easy shopping for a pair of jeans that are my waist size AND cover my legs. I literally cannot wear watches, because my hands are too thin. I simply cannot catch a break! Well nowadays it doesn’t matter as much; I have made peace with my body now. It’s just the rest of the world that needs to shut up.

I have begun to grow wary of meeting new people. Meeting new people is new experience, but when you are me, you start to expect a certain pattern. It usually is really fun, before these people decide to become my personal nutritionist and interview me about my daily diet. “Do you eat enough?”, “You need to eat more protein, eggs and meat.” Honey, take a number and get in line. Seriously, you think you’re the first person to tell me that? Need I set your ten commandments on stone, and dance around it like it is a revelation to me? I’ve been told the same thing a hundred times before you even met me.

Some people are quite nice about it. I like how they don’t want to offend me. “You’re so thin, you should be a model” What a tactful way of saying, “You’re really skinny and I don’t want to be a jerk about it, but I feel like I need to address it somehow”.
It’s not just the new people though. Each time I go to visit my grandmother I give her such shocks that I think if she ever suffers a heart attack, I could be accountable for it. After the initial shock takes the backseat she takes me to the kitchen, where her mission lies- I shall only get up when I am stuffed with so much food, I could just hibernate for a month.

And then there’s the Royal Jesters of the Court. When you are in a group of people, these are the ones that laugh the hardest and speak the loudest. Always on the lookout for a joke, they will take a molehill, turn it into a mountain, and make you laugh at it. “Walk carefully; the wind might blow you away!” Ha, bloody ha. Like I have not been the receiver of that joke since the 6th grade. Originality is a lost cause.

Yes, it is all good and fun. Just in jest, as they say. What people don’t seem to get is that, when we go back home and look into the mirror, these jests turn into monsters. Fat or thin, we all have the same body issues. A fat girl cannot just dump all her extra weight onto the floor and a skinny one can’t just eat a burger and suddenly not be skinny. Things take time, and we certainly don’t need you to keep reminding us what weight we are. We know it better than you.

I don’t expect people to drop their taunting ways any time soon. Being too skinny is in no way more entertaining than being too dark, or too fat. I have fought my battle with being underweight, and it has not been easy accepting me the way I am. I just want the word getting out that even though the magazines may airbrush through the model’s scrawny arms and legs to make it seem something to aspire, the skinny business is not all that is cracked up to be. What’s for dinner?


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